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About Us

The world's number one humanitarian issue/problem right now is water scarcity which surpasses that of the spread of diseases and refugees' displacement due to conflict or war.
We are an organization that wishes to solve the global water shortage problem.

Who We Are

In order to battle the consequences of climate change and developing contaminants and to guarantee access to clean water, our mission is to design, produce, and supply innovative sustainable water treatment systems for drinking water and wastewater reuse.
Our primary areas of expertise include consulting, conceptualizing to commissioning new waterworks as well as redesigning current facilities to maximize their capacities.
When it comes to the shortage of sustainable water for communities and the sustainable repair of dirty water bodies, Unik Earth offers its creativity and knowledge.

We encourage cooperation, collaboration, initiative, and accountability while pursuing the highest standards of transparency in all our dealings with clients. We also support their success and are committed to ongoing improvement.

Call Today +65 84844735

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What We Do

Our cutting-edge consulting service is created specifically for our water utility & industrial clients to help them optimize the treatment of their current water or wastewater treatment systems in order to meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements, handle emerging contaminants, and lower overall operational costs and cut costs where feasible, we investigate and evaluate alternatives for incorporating water reuse into our client's existing processes.

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